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All team members are Spanish and English speaking.

Dr. Edward Orson Dental Corporation is the continuation of La Clinica Dental Latina, which has been serving the community of the Mission district for over 35 years. Dr. John Carillo-Orson, D.D.S., opened Clinica Dental Latina at Los Portales in 1973. His son Dr. Edward Orson, D.D.S., followed in his father’s footsteps, growing up to serve the same community for a second generation.

About Dr. Edward Orson

Dr. Edward Orson graduated from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry and received his license to practice dentistry in 1994.He worked with his mentor & father for 10 years while furthering his education to include certificates in Endodontics, Anterior Esthetics by PAC Life, Orthodontics, Implants,crowns in an hour, and is an INVISALIGN PREFERRED PROVIDER. Working in the Clinica Dental Latina, Dr. Orson has developed a reputation for excellence among his patients and in the community. He shares his father’s commitment to provide quality, education and to be part of the beautifully diverse community that is the Mission. He is bilingual, fluent in Spanish & English.

Scarlett Amador, Registered Dental Assistant

Scarlett Amador was born in Nicaragua and moved to California when she was 14 years old with her family. She has lived in Daly City for the past 20 years. She got into the dental field at 19 years old as a Dental Assistant. In 1990 she attended Bryman College to become a Registered Dental Assistant and has been in the profession ever since. She have done several jobs in the office including Assisting, Scheduling, clerical work, and front desk. She is currently the financial coordinator and takes care of all the financial needs of the patients.

In her own words, "Sometimes affording treatment can be one of the most stressful parts of dentistry and I am here to help alleviate that stress. When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family including my young daughter."

"I have enjoyed the 19 years here at Dr. Orson’s Office because Dr. Orson treats his staff as family along with his patients also. He doesn’t see patients as patients but as our family members. We do everything that we can do for our patients to ensure that they feel like part of our team. I enjoy seeing our patients leave happy. It’s great to see the patients smile when they see their new smiles or when their pain in alleviated. It is also rewarding to see people get Zoom in our office because they always smiling more after they see the change in their appearance."

"Seeing the practice grow throughout the years has been amazing. I have seen old patients coming in for the past 19 years. I have watched the kids grow up and have their own families. Knowing the patients personally allows me to do my job better. It is rewarding to see loyal patients come back year after year because it proves we are doing a good job. And it is great to meet the new patients that they refer to us to keep our practice and family growing."

"We try to serve the community through good dental care and education. There is often a misconception on the importance of a healthy mouth and we want to provide education to the parents so that they can pass it on to their children. We want people to understand that prevention is the key to a healthy mouth. Dr. Orson is a great dentist and educator and I am confident that any of our patients will understand that at their first visit."

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