Patient Testimonials in Mission District



"I've had 3 appointments at this office and all 3 have been smooth. 1st appointment was just a checkup as I haven't been to the dentist in over a year. Dr. Orson explained my dental x-rays in a way that I could understand with minimal medical jargon and also explained what we should do from there.

My next 2 appointments were for fillings. Now I have never had any soirt of anesthetic injected into my gums before so I was kind of worried about how painful it would be. To my surprise, it wasn't that painful at all and the procedure went well.

The friendly dentists, the friendly staff at the front desk, and weekend availability makes this dentist an excellent choice for me." - Gerard Y., 5/17/2010


"How important is it for you to have a dentist up to date with the latest technology? Get this. When most dentists take an X-ray of your teeth. They end up looking at a dark piece of film the size of a matchbook.

Now imagine your dentist able to blow that up to the size of a 22 inch LCD screen and alter the exposure to find the tiniest hair-line cavities forming. Other dentists who are not up to speed with the technology: 'Digital X-rays', could never in a million years see the cavity Dr. Edward Orson saved me from this week.

So this is bottom-line-tooth-ache-management we're talking about. Another main reason Dr. Ed made the sizable investment to go digital was for ecological reasons. There is so much lead in the old X-rays that's very bad for the planet.

Wouldn't you rather have a dentist who's in step with the future and committed to sustainability? This is a cat who raises money for the Aids Bike Ride several years running. Also and is very cool to talk with.

But most importantly he's a very very good dentist. He is thorough AND efficient - because he knows how hard it is to hold your mouth hanging open for too long.

Dr. Ed is also updating his educational chops as evidenced by the ever new certificates and diplomas on the wall. Not only that, dude is bi-lingual. Se Habla!

I just felt the need to update my review after being blown away by witnessing a cavity forming that could have NEVER been caught before. Apparently dentists don't have to be digitally compliant until 2014... and a lot can happen to your teeth between 9 and 5." - Heather R., 4/2/2010


"Dr. Orson and his staff are great. I'm one of those patients that used to have a hard time feeling comfortable on the chair, but both he and his staff take the time to make me feel at ease. So much so, that I actually enjoy going to my appointments now. On top of keeping my teeth healthy, I'm now experiencing great results from my Invisalign (invisible braces) treatment. I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else." - Mo B., 1/7/2010


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